Why are we doing this study?

Strength training is designed to make your muscles stronger. It has been shown that people with cerebral palsy have weak calf muscles, which may prevent them from carrying out activities such as walking, running or climbing stairs. In this study we are aiming to strengthen the calf muscles as we think this will make these activities easier to do.

What do I have to do?

We are looking for teenagers (aged 12-19 years) with cerebral palsy who walk with or without a walking aid (e.g. crutches or a K-walker) to take part in this study. To be involved in this study, participants will be asked to come to Brunel University London three times. Transport to the University can be arranged for people who need it and travel expenses can be reimbursed. During this visit the researchers will measure a number of things including how your muscles work when you walk, how much energy you use when you walk, and much activity you do.

After you come to Brunel University London we will use a computer programme to randomly decide whether you take part in a strength training programme or continue with your usual physiotherapy (we understand that you may not be receiving physiotherapy at the moment). If you are in the strength training programme you will take part in a 1-hour exercise class once a week for 10 weeks in a local gym or your physiotherapy department.

You can read about what’s involved in taking part in more detail by clicking on the links below:

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Information leaflet 10-15 Years